We aim to democratize Artificial Intelligence

We aim to democratize the most important technological breakthrough in human history, technology of intelligence.

Evolutionary increase of intelligence in homo sapiens changed the world. Increased intelligence in machines can trigger a step change of similar proportions and we aim to be the platform for companies to lead that change.

We can help you unleash your company’s AI Multiple

We are building a transparent marketplace of companies offering B2B AI services. We allow companies to look beyond marketing speak, beyond huge marketing budgets to understand how they can use AI in their businesses and evaluate AI services objectively.

Financial metrics such as net income and EBITDA developed during 20th century have been used to value companies. In the future, a tech company’s AI capabilities (its unique data, capability of its workforce, systems, network of suppliers and culture) will be determining that company’s value. We help you build your company’s AI capabilities so you can take advantage of AI to multiply your company’s value.

Reach out to us at [email protected]. We help AI companies to find the right AI solutions and AI companies to fine-tune their products.