Almost all major websites and business do not use artificial intelligence could be a simpler question. Since AI systems can be defined as learning systems that solve problems which can not be solved perfectly, AI systems are ubiquitous in major enterprises. Here are some mainstream and some quirky examples that are open to public so you can interact with the AI system. If you think we are missing any examples, please add to comments.

Search engines

  • Text search:
    • Google is one of the leading companies in AI and it is impossible to have a competitive search solution today without Natural Language Processing, a sub field of AI. RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence system that helps Google process some of its search results, in particular rare or one-of-a-kind queries. It was launched in early 2015 and is used globally by Google.
    • Chinese search engine Baidu is also heavily investing in AI employing more than 1300 employees on AI topics like deep learning
  • Image search: Whether it is tagging images or searching images by uploading images, machine vision is required in image search. ViSenze is a vendor providing image search technology, you can see more details here and try their image search here.


Google Translate was featured extensively by NYT as one of the leaders of the AI awakening

Just open Skype and call a friend who speaks a foreign language. Skype provides real-time audio to audio translation which is not surprising since Microsoft achieved audio transcription results on par with professional transcriptionists as explained here.

Social networks: Coming from a leading AI researcher at Facebook: “Facebook today cannot exist without AI. Every time you use Facebook or Instagram or Messenger, you may not realize it, but your experiences are being powered by AI”. For more details see the medium post. You can also read this Fortune article for other AI use cases at Facebook.

e-Commerce websites/apps

Your personal shopping assistant Mona. Need a new pair of jeans? Send Mona on a mission! Mona works as detailed or as simple as you want & all the feedback you provide improves your future search results. It works based your style, your size, your brands, and your budget!

Digital assistants

  • You already have one on your phone. Apple (Siri), Google (Allo or Google Now) and Microsoft (Cortana) all provide personal assistants
  • can set your meetings


  • Crystalknows analyzes your emails and helps you adjust your email style to better communicate with your recipient.
  • Gluru an intelligent todo list that listens to your emails and learns from your activity.
  • Clarifai’s image tagging API does a good job as explained here
clarifai API example
Image from clarifai blog


  • Improve your doodles with Autodraw
  • Translate pictures into words in another language with Thing Translator
  • Turn pictures into rather short and predictable songs with Giorgio Cam
  • If you are a farmer and need to sort your different cucumbers, now there’s an intelligent system for that as explained here

Now that you have played with some B2C AI tools, you can check out business AI applications in marketing, sales, customer service, IT, data or analytics. And If you have a business problem that can be solved with AI:

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