AI in Business: Guide to Transforming Your Company [2019]

You probably read tens of articles on AI in business mentioning numerous AI applications or exotic sounding algorithms like deep learning or support vector machines. But you don’t know what you can do with AI for your own business today. We have a solution:

First, AI is a tool and writing in general about AI in business is like writing about computers in business. It helps to be a lot more specific so we will break down AI applications by industry and business function to give you an overview of what AI can achieve. Read more


Conversational User Interfaces: In-depth Guide [2019 update]

“Over 60% of consumers believe businesses should be available, contactable and responsive through messaging applications.” according to Ubisend’s 2016 Mobile Messaging Report. Tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Slack are combining traditional interfaces with conversational ones in order to achieve better user experience. With the right approach, your company can do the same.

What’s a conversational interface?

The conversational interface is an interface you can talk/write to in plain language. Aim is to provide a seamless user experience, like you are talking to a friend or acquaintance. However, in practice conversational interfaces mostly act as a first level of support, answering first questions but unable to offer as much support as a knowledgeable human. Read more


In-depth Guide to Blockchain Consulting & Consultants [2019]

Anyone looking to get into the exciting world of cryptocurrency needs to know the ins and outs of blockchain technology. For most, enlisting the help of a skilled blockchain consultant is a crucial part of navigating the process and building their portfolio.

Blockchain consulting encompasses a range of different services, and requires a skillset that is rarely seen in any other type of consulting work. Not only does a blockchain consultant need superior business skills, but there must also be an advanced level of technical expertise to do the job effectively. Read more


Chatbot4u is not active! Find free modern chatbot builders of 2019

Chatbot4u is losing traffic

Though chatbot4u was one of the first platforms to enable individuals and businesses, the platform no longer looks actively maintained and is losing users as you see on the graph above. You can quickly discover better, more modern alternatives to chatbot4u.

What did Chatbot4u offer?


Chatbot4u is introduced by Ecreation, a Netherlands based creative agency. Their website makes it possible to develop chatbots in just a few steps. They have been a solutions provider since 2005. It is possible to create chatbots for free. They provide the basic building blocks for creating chatbots and the rest is left for the user creating the chatbot, but the way to do it can be stretched, depending on the context and the ideas and dataset available, users can create their own ad-hoc chatbot. Furthermore, they provide integration with the other communication tools, making t possible to reach interactions beyond just the website. Read more


Data Science Consulting & Consultants in 2019: In-depth Guide

Graph of Google search trends on data science

Interest in data science grew >5x during the last 5 years as you can see above.

However it is still not clear to many how data science consulting is different than regular consulting. After all, consulting is supposed to be about making data-driven decisions. A critical difference is that data science consultants leave their clients with reusable operational models. However, most regular consulting projects answer important but one-off questions and do not leave clients with operational decision making models. Read more