150 RPA consultants: In-Depth Guide [2019 update]

Like all companies, yours probably relies on certain tasks and activities that don’t require a specialist’s attention. This means you can usually outsource or even automate them.

And now there is a new automation tool on the market: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

If you have access to personnel who have experience working with RPA tools, that’s great. You probably set up a Center of Excellence and are running most of your RPA projects. However if you are not yet at that stage or if you need additional manpower to help program automations in the process, RPA consulting can help you take full advantage of this powerful solution. Read more


AI Consulting: In-depth Guide with Top AI Consultants [2019 update]

Are you looking to use AI in your business and need to find the best AI consultants? Consultants can help to get your company started quickly with AI initiatives. We have compiled all that you need to know on AI consulting, to decide whether to use AI consultants and which ones to work with:

What is AI consulting?

Why is AI consulting important now?

What are the typical AI consulting activities?

What is the structure of AI consulting landscape?

How to choose your AI consultant?

What is the future of AI consulting? Read more


In-depth Guide to Predictive Maintenance Tools [2019 update]

Manufacturing has evolved. Organizations no longer need human intervention to manage every aspect of manufacturing. Today, an increasing volume of industrial activities are supported by robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and other modern technologies that enable organizations to get the most from every efforts.

With this growth and change, comes an evolution in the tools that are designed to support it. Some of the biggest changes have been seen our methods for keeping our different components functioning, and functioning well, for longer periods of time. Read more


Top chatbot testing techniques and frameworks [2019 update]

(Courtesy of Next Right)

We have previously written a detailed guide about chatbots. Then we started to develop objective metrics for measuring the performance of a chatbot. We also shared some of the success stories since success stories are rare and ambitious designers of conversational interfaces need to study them because, for every hundred of failures, there are only a few success stories. We provided a basic guide for a/b testing. In this article, we will be sharing some of the key methods for chatbot testing.

Chatbots are indeed revolutionizing the interaction between organizations and individuals, but one thing still lacks, the industry still hasn’t been able to achieve is standardizing the chatbot testing. We rather observe the performances indirectly. Claims such as 10 times better ROI compared to email marketing makes sense only if the chatbot is implemented. Although various metrics for performance has been developed, the nature of chatbot makes it hard to develop a uniform score or test for all types of chatbots Read more


70 Process Automation Tools of 2019: A Comprehensive Guide

Most major companies are already using process automation tools to become more efficient and save money on labor costs. Any manager needs to be fluent on the scope of automation solutions and reduce manual work. Process automation is an industry that is unnecessarily complex due to jargon and use of multiple names for the same thing. We will only focus on automation tools which automate tasks and processes and not orchestration tools that aim to keep track of and ensure completion of processes. The questions we answer are:

Why are process automation tools relevant now?

1- Scope of automation is increasing. While most major automation projects in 2000s involved IT system upgrades, currently there are numerous tools to automate tasks on a myriad of systems. Improvements in machine vision, OCR and machine learning enabled bots to understand user interfaces and perform actions. Read more