Pragmatic Partnership for AI Adoption

We are happy to have interviewed Ben Lamm, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Conversable and Hypergiant on their pragmatic approach to help enterprises leverage AI and machine learning. You can read more about Ben on his Wikipedia page.

You could possibly be the only one leading 2 AI companies. Can you briefly tell us why you founded Conversable and Hypergiant and the advantages of leading them both?

I noticed that when it comes to AI it’s still very shrouded in darkness and there are a lot of companies selling AI snake oil that has caused serious scar tissue.

Put simply, AI has been over-promised and under-delivered for far too long. It has massive potential to change the way we do business, but not if we bury it in false hope. Read more


Discover the right AI vendors for your business for free in 30 seconds

4 advantages of appliedAI vendor selection system

Here’s the 30 second solution: Choose the use case where you need a solution, give us your email and company name and we will get back to you with 48 hours with a list of relevant vendors. Here’s the form you need:

Current vendor selection process is broken

Now that you know the solution, let me try to convince you why it makes sense: Vendor selection is broken. And we start fixing it from the beginning: Choosing a shortlist of vendors.

To get your home remodeled, you don’t need to spend hours searching reviews and specs. You would go to thumbtack where you can find vendors, their references and reviews. You can get quotes on the platform and deal with all aspects of buying the service. Btw, I am sure some people still choose the difficult path and do the research themselves, but the more efficient method is definitely to go with thumbtack. Let’s compare that with the B2B experience. Read more


The most comprehensive list of enterprise AI companies

People are curious about AI. People who know little about AI either fear that it will destroy the world or that it will never reach human capabilities. People who know about AI are excited that we are uncovering the secrets of cognition however they are frustrated with the slowness of progress and the growing hype. But all these people want to know the people and companies behind AI.

We set out to create to provide objective, quantitative data on AI so we will first cover who the players are. We are building the most comprehensive map of AI companies ever built. When we released our initial map with 500 vendors at the beginning of the week, the overwhelming reaction was: “Where is my AI startup?” Read more


Map of Artificial Intelligence in Europe

Map of Artificial Intelligence in Europe
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We feature leading European Artificial Intelligence companies here. In terms of popular AI use cases; Information security, marketing and sales dominate the map. An interesting exception is NeoTek from Russia, they provide a physical security solution, an image recognition system to dedect intruders real time from video camera footage.

In some cases numerous companies exist in one country. In such cases, we selected the company to feature after considering 2 points:

  1. Is AI part of the company’s core business?
  2. How big is the company in terms of funding, number of employees, number of customer references?

Results are based on public information, most data is from companies we are currently featuring on You can also see the interactive version on Tableau Public
If you have any suggestions, please share with us so we can improve the map. You can also check out AI applications in marketing, sales, customer service, IT, data or analytics. And If you have a business problem that you want to solve with AI: Read more