Autonomous Things in 2020: In-Depth Guide

Though self-driving vehicles take the front seat when we talk about autonomous things, autonomous robots and drones can also make a difference for businesses. These technologies can lead to partial or full automation of tasks involving humans today.

Transportation, retail, security and military are some of the industries with early examples of autonomous things. Autonomy will eventually revolutionize every industry.

What is Autonomous Things (AuT)?

Autonomous Things (AuT), or the Internet of Autonomous Things (IoAT), are devices that work on specific tasks autonomously without human interaction thanks to AI algorithms. These devices include robotics, vehicles,  drones, autonomous smart home devices and autonomous software.  Read more


Autonomous trucks could destroy >3M jobs in 15 years

Movie Logan takes place in 2029. Most things seem similar to today except trucks. They are autonomous. Will Hollywood get this right? Is 10-15 years a realistic time frame for autonomous vehicles?

What exactly is autonomous driving?

First, let’s agree on what we are discussing. To understand in detail, let’s look at levels of autonomous driving defined by Society of Automobile Engineers:

L0 No automation: with human in charge potentially augmented by automated warning and intervention systems

L1 Driver assistance: Driving mode-specific driver assistance system of either steering or acceleration/deceleration. Example: Cruise control Read more