Machine Learning Consulting in 2020: In-Depth Guide

Machine learning (ML) consulting, like AI consulting, is an emerging field where both traditional consultants and new startups compete. In this article, we will focus on ML specific challenges, for an overview of AI consulting and the players of the industry, please see our article on the topic.

What is the difference between ML and AI consulting?

Though machine learning (ML) is the subfield of AI with most commercial applications, it is best to distinguish between them

  • AI: includes all applications where the computer mimics human intelligence
  • ML: applications which use known data to create models that can be used to classify/process new data

Is ML consulting = deep learning consulting?

Not exactly. Deep learning is a subset of ML. However, deep learning is the most successful machine learning technique in terms of accuracy as of 2019 in most areas. Read more


Pragmatic Partnership for AI Adoption

We are happy to have interviewed Ben Lamm, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Conversable and Hypergiant on their pragmatic approach to help enterprises leverage AI and machine learning. You can read more about Ben on his Wikipedia page.

You could possibly be the only one leading 2 AI companies. Can you briefly tell us why you founded Conversable and Hypergiant and the advantages of leading them both?

I noticed that when it comes to AI it’s still very shrouded in darkness and there are a lot of companies selling AI snake oil that has caused serious scar tissue.

Put simply, AI has been over-promised and under-delivered for far too long. It has massive potential to change the way we do business, but not if we bury it in false hope. Read more


AI Consulting: In-depth Guide with Top AI Consultants of 2020

Shows AI use cases with suggestions for the right approach for each use case. Suggestions include must do, need to do, case by case evaluation or can do.

Are you looking to use AI in your business and need to find the best AI consultants? Consultants can help to get your company started quickly with AI initiatives. We have compiled all that you need to know on AI consulting, to decide whether to use AI consultants and which ones to work with:

What is AI consulting?

Why is AI consulting important now?

What are the typical AI consulting activities?

What is the structure of AI consulting landscape?

How to choose your AI consultant?

How do AI consultants price their services? Read more