Alex Debecker explains Ubisend & makes 5 chatbot predictions

ubisend was spun out from a larger company in 2016. At the time, mobile messaging was creating a huge impact in the lives of consumers. We began spending more time using messaging applications than social media applications like Facebook or Twitter.

The ubisend founders saw an opportunity to create a new and exciting brand to meet this new demand. With most mobile messaging applications opening their APIs to third parties, ubisend could now build their super smart solutions straight into the digital channels like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more. Read more


Top chatbot testing frameworks & techniques in 2020

Business press agrees that there are numerous potential benefits of chatbots, and significant funding has poured into chatbot companies to realize this potential. For this potential to materialize, chatbots need to be successful however there are numerous public chatbot failures which could be limiting the growth of bots. Effective testing can reduce chatbot failures. We compared 7 chatbot testing frameworks which include comprehensive chatbot testing approaches, chatbot testing software and chatbot testing services. Read more


Chatbot testing in 2020 covering A/B, auto & manual testing

Chatbot success is elusive and claims such as 10 times better ROI compared to email marketing makes sense only if the chatbot is implemented successfully. Combination of pre-launch tests (automated and manual tests) and post-launch A/B testing customized for chatbots can help companies build successful chatbots.

What are the tests to complete before launching a chatbot?

Good developers build automated tests for the expected input/output combinations for their code. Similarly, chatbot’s natural understanding capabilities and typical responses need to be tested by the developer. These automated tests ensure that new versions of the chatbot does not introduce new errors. Read more


15 Key Metrics for Chatbot Conversational Analytics in 2020

Web focused metrics do not calculate misunderstood requests or message delays. Chatbots require new metrics. If you are already familiar with web metrics, jump to chatbot specific metrics:

We have previously written an in-depth guide on conversational bots/chatbots. The basics of chatbots are provided in another article. We argued that the chatbots will change the world and it is important to catch-up with the technology. It is also important to be aware of the capabilities of chatbots and constantly measuring the performance of the chatbots. Therefore in this article, we will share some of the key metrics. Read more


Top 20 Chatbot Usecases / Applications in Business in 2020

While we were writing about major chatbot failures and top chatbots, we started noticing and documenting the areas where chatbots really add value to businesses. Now we are ready to explain how businesses in different industries can use chatbots.

And do not imagine this as a company having 20 chatbots. Consider 2 chatbots for your company, one that is serving all requests from customers and partners and another serving all your employee’s requests. So if an employee needs to create an IT request or if she needs to put in her time sheet, she will use the same system and the same interface. Read more