Top 20 in Healthcare Analytics: In-Depth Guide [2019 update]

There are hundreds of companies providing analytics products and solutions to healthcare companies. It is best to start with a definition and categorization, click the titles to read the relevant sections for you:

Understand the vendors:

What exactly do healthcare analytics vendors do?

What do healthcare companies achieve with healthcare analytics?

Why is it critical to choose the right healthcare analytics system?

Prepare your vendor shortlist:

Understand healthcare analytics vendor landscape in 2 minutes Read more


Healthcare analytics dominated by US firms led by IBM Watson

Some AI use cases are already gaining significant traction with tens of vendors competing providing competitive solutions. In healthcare, patient data analytics is such a use case. Patient data analytics solutions allow companies to access multiple sources both within healthcare provider’s own records in different systems and from other healthcare providers and clinicial studies. These solutions include capabilities to analyze various data formats including natural language to uncover insights. Read more


35 healthtech vendors leveraging AI [2019 update]

Yesterday, we shared a selected list of leading vendors in healthcare using artificial intelligence related technologies. There were a few requests to provide more detail. In this version you can also learn a bit more about the areas these companies operate in:

Management activites include providing support&services for pricing, risk management and market research.

R&D: Drug discovery, gene analytics and editing, comparing device and drug effectiveness

Imaging& Diagnostics: Early diagnosis enabled via advanced imaging and machine learning techniques, medical imaging insights Read more


43 healthcare vendors using AI [2019 update]

global healthtech vendors

We have been researching both public data and also talking to leaders in healthcare space to understand Ai in healthtech. These are the leading vendors in this space that we identified. We left out some very new comers with limited resources and focused on leading companies in their respective fields. However if you see any missing leading vendor in this space, please let us know, we would love to feature them.

As for geographical concentration of vendors, as expected US vendors top the list. However, potentially due to our focus on Western markets, we are featuring too few Chinese vendors. We will develop our knowledge of the Chinese market for the second version of this map and your suggestions on Chinese vendors would also be appreciated. Read more


A constant state of innovation: IBM

Thomas J. Watson Sr. joins Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) in 1914 and over the next two decades transforms it into a growing leader in innovation and technology. He built a worldwide industry; it is called to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in 1924. According to Fortune 500, IBM is ranked as one of top 10 firms in 90’s. Let’s take a look at the roadmap of the IBM in the digital transformation, it consists not just software, hardware and services include cognitive solutions and cloud platform. IBM’s Bekas explains that we simply can’t scale enough hardware to solve this. “Ultimately, hardware can’t beat computational complexity. You need to have a combination of algorithmic improvement and hardware development,” Read more