Fraud Detection: In-Depth Guide [2020 update]

With the increase in digital banking and e-commerce transactions, digital fraud has become a larger threat. There are numerous types of fraud such as account take over and new account fraud. Companies are estimated to spend >$20bn annually on fraud detection.

Since fraudsters improve their techniques over time and since number of transactions are too numerous to deal with manual controls, companies need to rely on machine learning to build resilient and efficient fraud detection systems.

What Is Fraud Detection?

Fraud detection is a major challenge for Read more


15 Fraud detection software: Comprehensive list [2020 update]

We wrote extensively about fraud detection before. If you believe that your company needs a leading edge fraud detection solution, we list the major fraud detection vendors below.

Fraud Detection Companies Ecosystem

Tech giants

Tech giants like Experian are providing end-to-end fraud detection solutions. They have the advantage of having a large sales force and long term relationship with their customers and they have significant budgets to create competent solutions

AI Startups

Since 2000s startups are tackling various aspects of fraud. The first area of focus was to serve merchants which are easy to sell to as they are smaller e-commerce businesses. Later, with increased commercialization of AI, AI vendors started selling to merchants, acquirers and banks. Read more