Top RPA Training Courses incl. free/ paid classes [2019 update]

We get a lot of questions from those who want to learn to be RPA programmers. There is  a few good trainings we have noticed and categorized according to the providers:

Online education providers


RPA software companies

Argos Labs

Argos Labs recently released a free trial version of their no code RPA tool along with video tutorials, sample projects.

Automation Anywhere

Though Automation Anywhere is not freely available, Automation Anywhere University offers online trainings. It offers both free and paid classes delivered in class and online. Its partners includes leading RPA training providers. At the end of each program, students are evaluated and rewarded with certificiates if they pass the evaluation. Read more


RPA vendor with top funding/popularity is UiPath [2019 update]

We frequently get the question: “What’s the best RPA software?”. We are not a big fan of this question as the best software for your company depends on your company’s automation needs. So it is impossible to answer this one objectively  but we will answer a few similar/more objective questions:

Which is the best funded RPA software provider?

Currently, UiPath. This is a good proxy for success as investors are looking carefully at the RPA space and are betting on companies’ success with their money. So the best funded vendor should be the one that stands to profit most in the long run. Read more


25 RPA Conferences for Business Leaders in 2019 [Sortable]

You want to learn more about how RPA can help your business. You want to hear real-world examples, leverage experience of experts and understand your different options regarding RPA. We have plenty for you to learn from such as comprehensive RPA guide, checklist for RPA tool selection or RPA implementation best practices but conferences are also a great place to learn and network.

We have seen 2 types of conferences:

  • Conferences by leading RPA companies: Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath, WorkFusion all organize conferences to highlight the latest updates to their solutions and connect with current and potential customers
  • Conferences by conference organizers: RPA companies also sponsor quite a few conferences organized by conference specialists that bring together solution providers and end-users

We prepared this sortable comprehensive list so you can easily sort by city or date or other parameters to find the right conference for your interest. Read more


150 RPA consultants: In-Depth Guide [2019 update]

Like all companies, yours probably relies on certain tasks and activities that don’t require a specialist’s attention. This means you can usually outsource or even automate them.

And now there is a new automation tool on the market: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

If you have access to personnel who have experience working with RPA tools, that’s great. You probably set up a Center of Excellence and are running most of your RPA projects. However if you are not yet at that stage or if you need additional manpower to help program automations in the process, RPA consulting can help you take full advantage of this powerful solution. Read more


70 Process Automation Tools of 2019: A Comprehensive Guide

Most major companies are already using process automation tools to become more efficient and save money on labor costs. Any manager needs to be fluent on the scope of automation solutions and reduce manual work. Before we share our comprehensive list of process automation solutions, we will explain why they are important now and classify them.

2 reasons explaining why are process automation tools are relevant now

1- Scope of automation is increasing. While most major automation projects in 2000s involved IT system upgrades, currently there are numerous tools to automate tasks on a myriad of systems. Improvements in machine vision, OCR and machine learning enabled bots to understand user interfaces and perform actions.

2- Automation has numerous benefits: This is obvious but still it’s the most important reason why automation is now and will remain relevant.

  • Reduce manual processes
  • Reduce errors in critical data-entry routines like email-marketing programs. Everyone cringes when you accidentally send out newsletters with outdated pricing information.
  • Increase process execution speed which improves customer experience. For example, your customers loan applications can be approved automatically rather than waiting for a day for approval.
  • Create information transparency which makes it easier to hold individuals accountable for their responsibilities.

These are a summary of the benefits of automation, for more please see our guide on benefits of automation. Read more