Content is insights! Expressed in myriad forms and styles, it is information that makes readers feel, think and change their lives. We’ll dive into the world of automatic content creation but before that let’s cover a bit of the terminology.

If you google for content, you mainly encounter with the phrase content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for inbound and digital marketing. Content raises awareness of your brand, builds trust with your audience and turns them into customers who may become evangelists. Content marketing is mostly related to social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest since they are great publishing platform to reach out millions of people.

Content Experience

Content marketing process is creating and distributing the content; then measuring the performance to enhance the quality of the content. Increasing the quality is not always important. The important thing is the improving the experience. Take this example; I like swimming. If you take me to swimming on a snowy day, probably it would not be the best swimming experience I have ever had (I know there are Nordic people swimming in ice-cold waters, I am not one of them). So, the point is, the channel, time, frequency or rather content distribution are also as important as the content. There are many software tools that can help marketers reach right customer via right channel at the right time such as Nudge,, and Crystal Knows.

Automating the Content Generation

User-generated content is the best but it is hard to achieve. So, it is marketers’ job. Getting started from scratch, creating an innovative, effective and original content is a hard work. It consumes most of the time marketing departments. There are many aspects that should be considered such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) uniqueness and objectives. Different types of content such as visual, auditory and text can be automatically created by AI in seconds, not days. Machine learning and deep learning technics search, analyze and learn from articles that are related to given keyword to create unique and optimized content.

Text Content:

Content writers, bloggers, marketers, journalist and even students are struggling to create unique content. Content writing is time-consuming and not an easy job to do. Articoolo, uses NLP to create unique and readable content in seconds based on the keywords given.

There are multiple tools for automated article generation:

However, they are not free tools. They only display a part of the article. For the full version and other features like SEO optimization, you need to subscribe and pay.


It would be a mistake not to mention Automated Insight’s chatbot Wordsmith. Wordsmith is technically not a chatbot since the conversations are one-sided. When you connect Wordsmith to Excel, Word or Tableau document, it produces press-ready concise verbal summaries of the data from the underlying data.

Wordsmith is already creating content for large customers:

  • 4K company earnings reports/quarter for the Associated Press
  • 50K personalized narratives/week for GreatCall
  • 100K workout recaps/week for

Wordsmith operates as a SaaS platform where you can get 500 outputs/month for $24k/year. With increased volume, subscription prices  fall, enabling large platforms to produce content for just cents.


Narrative Science’s Quill is a similar content generation service. Quill is sold as a managed service with prices ~$10K/month for most use cases.

Image Creation

A few months ago, Google succeeded in creating meaningful images from sentences. You can watch the video below, or read the article to learn how it works.

Deep Dream Generator has a different perspective and use of AI to create images. It does not create an image from the scratch, instead, it combines two given images to create artwork quality images by using artificial intelligence. Here are some examples created by Deep Dream Generator:

They seem like images with filters but they are the combinations of two different images. You see the original images at Deep Dream Generator. (You need to sign up first)


As an audio content, podcasts or speeches would be better content in terms of marketing. AI already can understand our voices and response. However, creating is a completely different topic. Maybe not as marketing content but AI is able to create songs.

The instrumentation was composed with artificial intelligence, lyrics and vocal melodies written by Taryn.

These are examples of automatically generated content. In terms of marketing, content automation has a different meaning.

Content Automation

Content automation means automating and constantly updating every stage of the content lifecycle, automating the process not only content generation. People usually create static contents such as blog posts and share them on social media, send via email or publish them via other channels. Each post contains components like images, text, graphs and sometimes data and each component can be used in different documents and formats. When a data change, it is time-consuming to change every piece of content of every document with copy and paste. There are marketing technologies that are commonly used by brand managers, marketing managers or product managers.

Quark, for example, automates and sync every document, content, and component and applies every change to every document. It also automatically adjusts the format for different devices to ensure that each content is delivered to right customer in a right way to increase experience.

Überflip aggregates the contents and uses artificial intelligence and intent data to predict, recommend, and automate personalized content experience.

Why Content Automation

Automating the content has many advantages for content management compared to traditional content marketing:

  • It reduces the time consumption
  • It reduces the cost
  • Provide workflow automation
  • Increase customer experience
  • Provide regulatory compliance

You can save a lot of time by using marketing automation software for content writing, content creation and better content strategies. Just let us know:

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