Pratik Jain from on how bots transform marketing

This episode of AIMultiple is on an AI vendor for product marketing that specifically focuses on solving issues in critical metrics like lead quality, engagement, drop-offs, user retention, return rates. We hosted Pratik Jain, co-founder of is leveraging chat to help marketers solve inefficiencies in the marketing process for large enterprises. Pratik was one of the early hires of Sprinklr, a social media SaaS tool which grew from 200 million to 2 Billion valuation while Pratik was part of the team. After Sprinklr, Pratik and a few of his colleagues from Sprinklr founded which initially began as an open platform and supported ~2300 bots. 2 year down the road, they now have a closed, enterprise only platform serving more than 20 enterprises. Pratik explains that the rapid growth  is a result of focusing on one single usecase in marketing that is valuable for corporations and consciously ignoring the glamor. Their focus areas are lead generation and engagement on Facebook. They have seen great success with their workflows which is a mechanism for following up with customers that have not converted as leads. The approach has been successful also because older approaches for engaging drop-offs such as emails and calls are not effective. Email open rates are low and calls are annoying and expensive. Chat is a seamless, real-time way to engage customers that have indicated interest but not yet become leads. A carefully placed series of followup messages is their unique selling point. Their implementation can be set up in 2 weeks even for an enterprise if the customer can prepare everything they need upfront. To launch, they need:
  • 4-8 hours of the marketing responsible to identify current issues
  • Some images and videos to use in their chat campaigns
  • Approvals such as operations and security teams’ approvals which becomes the main bottleneck in most cases.
Most of the time their enterprise implementations can take 3-4 months as it takes time to get all approvals and finish all the integrations. They are working on improving how they convey marketing insights so companies can directly get these insights. Currently, analysts are helping brands understand these insights. They also plan to expand into other geographies including UK and the customers’ demands in new geographies will help determine their product roadmap. With half the world’s population on chat, Pratik believes that chat will be a channel at least as important as social media in the next few years. And brands need a chat marketing strategy.

Max Yankelevich, CEO of WorkFusion, Explains RPA &Automation

We cut out all the intros and other small talks from our podcasts but I should begin by thanking Max Yankelevich for his time. Max is the founder, CEO and Chief Architect of WorkFusion and one of the pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence to enterprise processes. Though I had a very high-level idea of cognitive robots at the beginning of the talk, Max explained everything a knowledge company executive needs to know about automation: the concept, the industry, automation potential for enterprises, pricing, ROI and how enterprises should implement automation solutions. We also had a quick discussion on how this all affects future of work. Below you can find our podcast edited for clarity and brevity. Read more


AppZen CEO, Anant Kale, explains expense auditing automation

Enjoyed talking to Anant Kale, co-founder and CEO of AppZen. Having started AppZen in 2012, he is one of the pioneers in the commercial applications of artificial intelligence in fraud and compliance. We discussed AppZen’s evolution and roadmap, primary areas of focus, its benefits to companies, how the solution ensures lasting T&E reduction along with setup & pricing details. As with most back-office processes, I now view T&E audits as highly automatable. This will be an interesting field as more companies take advantage of the significant ROI offered by rolling out real-time expense audit solutions and reduce the size of their back-offices. Below you can find our podcast edited for clarity and brevity. Read more


Oliver Tan, co-founder and CEO of ViSenze, explains visual e-commerce

It was quite fun and enlightening talking to Oliver Tan, co-founder and CEO at ViSenze. Having started ViSenze in 2012, he is one of the pioneers in the commercial applications of computer vision and machine learning. We discussed ViSenze’s primary areas of focus, its unique value proposition, the industry landscape, the prevalence of visual search, and future of visual search. I was surprised to hear that ViSenze increased its API usage ~6 times in 2017 and it was interesting to learn how it can convert videos and images into shoppable experiences. Below you can find our podcast edited for clarity and brevity. Read more


Anil Kaul, Co-founder and CEO at Absolutdata, explains their sales and marketing solution

We had a good discussion with Anil Kaul, Co-founder and CEO at Absolutdata. Having started Absolutdata back in 2001, he is one of the pioneers in big data, analytics and artificial intelligence. We discussed their primary areas of focus, their unique value proposition, cost and duration of deploying NAVIK, their core products. He explained in detail how AI powered sales & marketing assistants can help you reach the right customers through the right channel with the right message. Below you can find our podcast edited for clarity and brevity. Read more