Integrating IoT Analytics for a Smarter Future [2019 update]

By 2020, it is expected that there will be between 20 and 30 million IoT units in the marketplace, according to a study conducted by Gartner. With this much data being collected, the need for a way to analyze it grows exponentially. Many of the enterprise applications for IoT analytics, such as in manufacturing, finance, telecom, healthcare, and others have unlimited potential when data is managed and analyzed correctly.

To meet this need, IoT analytics has emerged as the broader category of uses and applications designed to help analyze the data obtained by IoT sensors. Once this data has been properly analyzed it can then be used to help make better, data-driven decisions for organizations that are in search of a competitive edge.


Marketing analytics with AI: Complete guide [2019 update]

Martech tools increased from 150 to 5000 in last 6 years

There were 150 marketing tools in the market in 2011, now that number is >5,000. Customers were a single data point in 2000s while now we have rich time series data on every user. Artificial intelligence powered tools are required to harmonize data and complete automated predictive analytics.

Why is AI relevant for marketing analytics now?

You need too many tools!

Marketers have access to more tools and channels than ever. It would take a genius to be up to date on all the tools and technologies that is becoming available.

The proliferation of tools creates the complex task of unifying their output for analytics. Normally this involves taking CSV backups, writing scripts and other data janitor work. Read more


Anil Kaul, Co-founder and CEO at Absolutdata, explains their sales and marketing solution

We had a good discussion with Anil Kaul, Co-founder and CEO at Absolutdata. Having started Absolutdata back in 2001, he is one of the pioneers in big data, analytics and artificial intelligence. We discussed their primary areas of focus, their unique value proposition, cost and duration of deploying NAVIK, their core products. He explained in detail how AI powered sales & marketing assistants can help you reach the right customers through the right channel with the right message. Below you can find our podcast edited for clarity and brevity. Read more