We get a lot of questions from those who want to learn to be RPA programmers. There is  a few good trainings we have noticed and categorized according to the providers:

Online education providers


RPA software companies

Argos Labs

Argos Labs recently released a free trial version of their no code RPA tool along with video tutorials, sample projects.

Automation Anywhere

Though Automation Anywhere is not freely available, Automation Anywhere University offers online trainings. It offers both free and paid classes delivered in class and online. Its partners includes leading RPA training providers. At the end of each program, students are evaluated and rewarded with certificiates if they pass the evaluation.

EdgeVerve AssistEdge

EdgeVerve provides video training and tutorials to support developers working with the community edition of their tool.


UiPath’s Community Edition is one of the top free RPA solutions and they have an extensive training package to build UiPath developer community

RPA training programs normally focus on RPA developers. Recently UiPath launched RPA training programs for RPA related roles beyond RPA developers. Program covers education for these roles & capabilities:

  • RPA Solution Architect
  • RPA Infrastructure Engineer
  • RPA Business Analyst
  • RPA Implementation Methodology
  • RPA Awareness


WorkFusion Express is a relative newcomer as a free RPA solution but already has a vibrant community of developers and a digital training academy: WorkFusion Automation Academy

Other training providers

There’s a cottage industry of RPA training providers that provide digital trainings or face-to-face classes. Since we are not building RPA solutions, we can’t vouch for them but if you have some insights into which trainings are valuable, feel free to give us a shout in the comments below.


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing this informative article,
    Could you pls enlighten, as to what are the prerequisites for learning RPA Courses

    1. Well, RPA programming is relatively simple compared to things like backend or frontend programming. Being able to use a computer is probably the only prerequisite. Knowing basics of programming would also help of course.

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