Machine Vision in 2020: In-Depth Guide

Machine vision is the eye of the industrial automation. Using cameras and sensors and computing power, machine vision techniques attempt to understand images and enable machines (robots or other industrial tools) to complete industrial tasks such as manufacturing and quality verification.

The working principle of machine vision consists of three different steps : capture, process and action. Machine vision is a key element of the industry 4.0. It helps industrial automation systems in numerous ways such as increasing efficiency by improving inventory and detecting faulty products and improving manufacturing quality. Read more


Image Recognition in 2020: In-depth Guide

Rise of smartphones, cheaper cameras and improved image recognition thanks to deep learning based approaches opened a new era for image recognition. Companies in different sectors such as automotive, gaming and e-commerce are adopting this technology.

While selecting an image recognition solution, its accuracy is the most important factor, however continuous learning, speed and flexibility can also be important criteria depending on the application. Tech giants like Amazon and Google as well as startups like Clarifai are offering image recognition services. Read more