Intelligent Call Routing: In-depth Guide [2020 update]

Organizations are struggling to use artificial intelligence to automate customer service because machines’ capability to deal with natural languages still remain significantly less than humans’. For more info, you can check out our explanation on why language is such a difficult issue for machines. Though agents will not be completely automated soon, intelligent call routing systems can help connect customers to agents that are most suited to solve their problems.

What is intelligent call routing?

A simple definition: Intelligent call routing systems identify the caller and the reason for the call to assign her to right agent. Though we mentioned phone call routing in the definition, intelligent routing can take place regardless of where the customer contacts the company. Routing is also important for email or chat queries. Read more


11 AI Usecases in Customer Service in 2020: In-depth Guide

Top 5 primary customer service activities sorted according to their position in the customer lifecycle

We have identified about a dozen artificial intelligence use cases in customer service and structured these use cases around typical customer service activities. Our framework is by no means comprehensive but it is ever improving so please let us know if you have any comments and suggestions.

Primary customer service activities and AI use cases in these activities are listed below. You can explore more on each topic by clicking its link which will take you to a detailed guide with references:

1- Identify customer issues with social listening and ticketing solutions

Identifying issues wherever they rise is the first step to resolving them. Social listening and ticketing vendors help you to leverage Natural Language Processing and machine vision to identify customers to contact and respond to them automatically or assign them to relevant agents increasing customer satisfaction. Read more