6 personalized care approaches to improve patient outcomes

AI makes healthcare more personalized

Personalized healthcare is the process of distinguishing patients into different groups based on their unique characteristics, clinical decisions, the risk of disease to provide them personalized care and treatments. The term, personalized care or personalized medicine has risen recently with the deep understanding of certain disease in a molecular base and new approaches to diagnosis thanks to technological developments for data and analytics.

Understanding the patient

Patients’ genetic tests have a major play in personalized medicine and are used for diagnostic testing. Read more


Top 10 Personalized Drugs and Care Companies

Personalized medications and care solutions allow companies to improve patient behavior, extend continutiy of care, better patient engagement and using resources effectively and efficiently.

Based on objective metrics: company size and capital raised, OptumHealth Catalyst, Flatiron Health and Pathway Genomics are top vendors in personalized medications and care. Please see our methodology for details on how we select vendors to this list and how we pick top vendors.

AIMultiple.com top vendor 2017

Optum is one of the largest companies in this field and works with operators across the entire healthcare ecosystem. Read more


Drug discovery vendors landscape

To create the drug discovery landscape we looked at companies both success in the market and their capability to deliver. As a proxy for capability to deliver we used company size. We explain how we assess company size here.

For success in the marketplace, we analyzed companies’ FDA pipeline. The number of FDA submissions of company and stage of these submissions are a good indicator of company’s success as a drug discovery company. Submission process has 5 overall categories: “Preclinical“, “Phase 1“, “Phase2“, “Phase 3” and “IND“. Considering that each step of submission process has different difficulty, we decided on different coefficients for each step when we calculated total FDA submission scores of companies. Coefficients are: Preclinical: 0,2, Phase 1: 0,4, Phase 2: 0,6, Phase 3: 0,8 and IND: 1. Read more


12 drug discovery vendors to enhance pharma productivity

Drug discovery solutions allow companies to develop innovative medicines in immuno-oncology, neuroscience, and rare diseases with high unmet need. So the research and development on drug can result  in a disruptive change that will impact pharma productivity and innovation to benefit the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Based on objective metrics: company size and FDA submission score (to see detailed information about FDA submission score analysis please see the vendor landscape here), Berg HealthBioXcel Corporation, Recursion Pharmaceuticals,  are top vendors in drug discovery. Please see our methodology for details on how we select vendors to this list and how we pick top vendors. Read more


Top 8 companies in AI powered medical imaging

Days of squinting at X-ray results are about to be over. As the New Yorker explains: In some trials, “deep learning” systems have already outperformed human experts. Medical imaging solutions allow companies to bring accurate and accessible disease screenings to doctors to proactively treat cancer and other diseases at their most manageable stages and improve patient outcomes.

As a result of our assessment of vendors providing Artificial Intelligence driven solutions in this space IBM Watson, Butterfly Network Inc., ArterysGauss Surgical and Zebra Medical Vision are the top vendors. Based on their momentum and size SigtupleFreenome, Enlitic are the rising vendors. Please see our methodology for details on how we select vendors to this list and how we pick top vendors and rising vendors. Read more