Pragmatic Partnership for AI Adoption

We are happy to have interviewed Ben Lamm, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Conversable and Hypergiant on their pragmatic approach to help enterprises leverage AI and machine learning. You can read more about Ben on his Wikipedia page.

You could possibly be the only one leading 2 AI companies. Can you briefly tell us why you founded Conversable and Hypergiant and the advantages of leading them both?

I noticed that when it comes to AI it’s still very shrouded in darkness and there are a lot of companies selling AI snake oil that has caused serious scar tissue.

Put simply, AI has been over-promised and under-delivered for far too long. It has massive potential to change the way we do business, but not if we bury it in false hope. Read more


Natural Language Platforms: In-Depth Guide [2020 update]

If you want to do some prereading you can follow our blog posts. Benefits of chatbots and top 20 use cases will show you have to turn this technology into meaningful solutions. Conversational Interfaces and Chatbot posts will be your guide for understanding the concepts. For a detailed list of chatbot companies please see our guide.

There are numerous API providers in the chatbot landscape, the majority of them are focusing on Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU). It is the crucial step to decide since it will be handling the most important step in a conversational interface. But let’s start with definitions; Read more


Top 12 Benefits of Chatbots: Comprehensive Guide [2020 update]

No one can know benefits of chatbots better than potential users of chatbots. So that’s where we started, the above list is based on Drift’s 2018 State of Chatbots Report. We added a few more points to categorize benefits of chatbots clearly.

Benefits to Customers

  1. 1- 24 hour availability: While this is clearly a huge benefit, highlighting this risks creating backlash when bots are down due to security issues or maintenance
  2. 2- Instant answers
  3. 3- Consistent answers: Talking to a customer service rep, a customer has no assurance that other reps are also providing similar, consistent responses. If a customer service rep is not helpful, a customer could be tempted to try calling again to see if the next rep is better.
  4. 4- Recorded answers: Talking to a customer service rep, a customer gets no record of the conversation and most people would prefer not to record their conversations. However, a customer can take a screenshot whenever she likes, to remember the conversation or to challenge an answer provided by the bot.
  5. 5- Instant transactions: Actions like changing or querying records are almost instantaneous for bots.
  6. 6- Endless patience: While customer reps and customers sometimes lose their patience, that’s something bots are yet incapable of.
  7. 7- Programmability: Since bots are on digital platforms where people spend majority of their waking hours working, bots can be used to automate common tasks such as arranging meetings, providing advanced search functionality

Benefits to Companies Read more


Conversational User Interfaces: In-depth Guide [2020 update]

“Over 60% of consumers believe businesses should be available, contactable and responsive through messaging applications.” according to Ubisend’s 2016 Mobile Messaging Report. Tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Slack are combining traditional interfaces with conversational ones in order to achieve better user experience. With the right approach, your company can do the same.

What’s a conversational interface?

The conversational interface is an interface you can talk/write to in plain language. Aim is to provide a seamless user experience, like you are talking to a friend or acquaintance. However, in practice conversational interfaces mostly act as a first level of support, answering first questions but unable to offer as much support as a knowledgeable human. Read more


Chatbot4u is not active! Find free modern chatbot builders of 2020

Chatbot4u is losing traffic

Though chatbot4u was one of the first platforms to enable individuals and businesses, the platform no longer looks actively maintained and is losing users as you see on the graph above. You can quickly discover better, more modern alternatives to chatbot4u.

What did Chatbot4u offer?


Chatbot4u is introduced by Ecreation, a Netherlands based creative agency. Their website makes it possible to develop chatbots in just a few steps. They have been a solutions provider since 2005. It is possible to create chatbots for free. They provide the basic building blocks for creating chatbots and the rest is left for the user creating the chatbot, but the way to do it can be stretched, depending on the context and the ideas and dataset available, users can create their own ad-hoc chatbot. Furthermore, they provide integration with the other communication tools, making t possible to reach interactions beyond just the website. Read more